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Fuji Oil Holds Product Presentation


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. held its “Fuji Oil Product Presentation 2012” on October 12, 2012.

Fuji Oil showcased its products from the Oils and Fats Processed Foods division that hold the theme of “maintaining” “improving” and “discovering” taste, and presented their ingredients and usage features to the food service industry market. Application examples using the products were demonstrated during the presentation for the audience to sample.

1. Cheese ingredients

  • -“Gouda blocks”: Cheese blocks that keep its softness and does not clear even when it gets cold
    (Usage sample) Pizza sauce
  • -“Torokeru (Melting) Fromage N”: The melting of natural cheese when heated can be enjoyed in room temperature as well
    (Usage sample) Ingredients for Chinese buns and croquette
  • -“Camembert sauce”: Replicates the melting feeling inside aged camembert cheese
    (Usage sample) Toppings for bruschetta
  • -“Gorgonzola sauce”: Features the distinctive blue cheese taste of Gorgonzola
    (Usage sample) Daikon radish dressed with cheese sauce

2. White sauce ingredients

  • -“Frozen White Sauce RK”: Delicious in cold recipes as well
    (Usage sample) Chilled carbonara

3. Functional oils and fats

  • -“Taste-Enhanced Fat”: A new functional fat that applies “DTR process,*” which breaks up agents that do not dissolve in oils and fats and adds revolutionary functionality Participants compared hotness of wasabi and mustard with and without the fat, and also compared the saltiness of tonkotsu soup after applying the product

*:Dispersion Technology of Refractory