News Release



Notice Regarding Effects of the Earthquake in Northeastern Japan (2nd report)


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.

We at Fuji Oil send our deepest condolences to those afflicted by the great earthquake that hit northeastern region of Japan on March 11th.

As a follow-up to the report regarding effects of the earthquake to our Group released on March 14th, 2011, we hereby announce the additional information below.


1. Conditions of Employees
We have confirmed physical safety of all Group employees from the earthquake.

2. Damages to production facilities
Restoration work has taken place and we are starting to resume production at our plants in the quake-stricken region which operations were halted due to damages on parts of buildings/facilities.

  • ・Chiba Plant (Chiba city, Chiba) / Protein Foods Tsukuba Plant (Bando, Ibaraki)
     Plants have resumed operation.
  • ・Kanto Plant (Kasama, Ibaraki)
  •  Parts of the production line have resumed operation. Entire line is planned to be restored by mid April.,

End of report