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Fuji Oil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Holds Completion Ceremony for New Plant FUJI SUNNY PLAZA BANGKOK Established


Fuji Oil (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Rayong Province, Thailand, President: Kazutomo Sho), established by Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. in February 2010 as its local affiliate in Thailand, held a completion ceremony on July 1 to mark the start of its plant's construction. “FUJI SUNNY PLAZA BANGKOK,” a customer service center, was also established in Bangkok.

The Fuji Oil Group established Fuji Oil (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. in 1981, its first foothold in expanding the company's Southeast Asian operations, and has established and expanded its Asian network through launching sites in Singapore, Malaysia, China, the Philippines and Indonesia ever since. For the Thai market, Fuji Oil has previously sold products via Singapore and other countries. The market, however, has grown to be one of the key economies in the rapidly developing Southeast Asian region, where more growth is expected from the food markets including confectionary and baking products following the westernization in food culture. These factors lead to the establishment of production and sales site. Aside from strengthening sales within Thailand, this new expansion will extend the trading area to countries along the Mekong River such as Cambodia and Vietnam.

Fuji Oil is currently placing focus on global management, technological management and sustainable management amid its middle term management plan “Global & Quality 2013 – For Sustainable Growth –” (effective FY2011-FY2013) to overcome the ongoing global competition. Among its measures to promote global management, the company plans to establish a global management structure that can promptly respond to the changing market needs, inject management resources to the Asian and Chinese markets, including Thailand, positioned as key markets as well as raise the overseas operating profit margin to 40% by FY2013 as compared to 33% in 2010.

At Fuji Oil, we offer “FUJI SUNNY PLAZA” as a place for customers and Fuji Oil's sales/development staff to communicate and jointly develop new products and menus. Together with providing Fuji Oil's material and technologies, the FUJI SUNNY PLAZA analyzes market trends to deliver unique presentations and proposal-oriented business. In addition to the existing FUJI SUNNY PLAZA offices in China, Singapore and 3 locations in Japan, we now establish “FUJI SUNNY PLAZA BANGKOK” to coincide with the construction of new Fuji Oil Thailand plant. Through utilizing FUJI SUNNY PLAZA's network and opening seminars on confectionary and baking, we strive to contribute to our customer's development of new products.



Outline of Fuji Oil Thailand

(2) President:   Kazutomo Sho (from Fuji Oil)
(3) Location:   (Head Office/Plant)
Amata City Industrial Park, Rayong Province, Thailand
No.7/287 Moo6, Tambon Mab-Yangporn, Amphur Pluakdaeng, Rayong Province 21140
PROMPHAN 2 Building, 1st Floor,1 Ladprao Soi 3, Jompol, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 THAILAND
(4) Established:   February 2010
(5) Description of business:   Production and sales of oils and fats, and ingredients for confectionary and bakery
(6) End of fiscal year:   December 31
(7) Paid-in capital:   730 million Thai baht (approx.. 2 billion yen)
(8) Capital participation:   Fuji Oil: 40%
Woodland Sunny Foods: 30%
ITOCHU Corporation: 10%
ITOCHU Thailand: 10%
J-Oil Mills: 10%
(9) Factory site area:   Approx. 35,000㎡
(10) Amount of investment:   Approx. total of 2.2 billion yen for land, building, equipment, etc.

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