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Fuji Oil (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Employs Cogeneration System


Fuji Oil Group company Fuji Oil (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (President: Yoichi Kuno), has incorporated a cogeneration system (gas turbine power generator) which started operation in July 2011.

The cogeneration system is fueled by natural gas, where its gas turbine power generation system and heat recovery boiler provide superior energy efficiency to reduce energy usage as well as greenhouse gas emissions. All electricity and steam generated will be consumed by manufacturing facilities within the Fuji Oil plant.

The system was installed on Fuji Oil (Singapore) premises by Green Power Asia Pte. Ltd., upon an agreement which grants Fuji Oil (Singapore) the right to purchase its entire output. This agreement not only allowed reduction on the company's capital investment, but also decreasing the energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Approximately 17,700 tons of CO 2 emissions per year are expected to be curtailed through this cogeneration system, equivalent to 27% of emissions from Fuji Oil (Singapore) in 2010.

Fuji Oil positions environmental activities as one of its most important missions in management. In our middle term management plan “Global & Quality 2013 - For Sustainable Growth” (effective FY2011 - FY2013), we have established “Fuji Oil Group Environmental Vision” to achieve “promotion of sustainable management” as part of our efforts to contribute to an environmentally sustainable society. “Fuji Oil Group Environmental Vision” also stipulates for its overseas subsidiaries to reduce CO 2 emission by 20% by 2020 (vis-à-vis 2006), introduction of the cogeneration system being one of such efforts.

To accomplish our environmental visions, we will be ever-more proactive in prevention of global warming through measures that include adoption of energy-saving facilities, and making the shift from crude oil to natural gas.

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