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Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. Promotes Joint Research on Palm with Indonesia


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has reached an agreement with Indonesia's Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi, “BPPT”) on promoting “joint research for improving productivity and quality of palms” and signed a comprehensive memorandum on July 7 at the BPPT office in Jakarta.

Through the joint research with BPPT, Fuji Oil will contribute to the advancement of the palm oil industry in Indonesia, the largest palm oil producer in the world, at the same time making palm oil production sustainable by tackling global environmental issues such as decreasing tropical rain forests caused by the expansion of palm tree farms.

The joint research will be conducted by Fuji Oil's Food Science Research Institute and BPPT's Biotechnology Center.

[About BPPT]
Established in 1978, BPPT is a governmental agency under the Ministry of Research and Technology that assesses, selects and applies science and technology necessary for development of Indonesia.
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Signing of the agreement on July 7th. (From left to right) Bambang, Director of Biotechnology Center of
BPPT; Makoto Kobayashi, Director, Chief Operating Officer for R&D Division at Fuji Oil; Listyani, Deputy
Director of BPPT; Motohiko Hirotsuka, Executive Officer, Director&General Manager of Food Science
Research Institute of Fuji Oil.