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Joint Venture Between Fuji Oil and Solae LLC Terminated – Fuji Protein Technologies Inc. to be Dissolved


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.
Solae L.L.C.

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. (“Fuji Oil”, President: Yoshitaka Ebihara) and Solae, LLC (“Solae”, CEO: Torkel Rhenman) of the U.S. have agreed to terminate the joint venture for the sales of soy protein products in Japan. The two companies plan to liquidate their joint venture company Fuji Protein Technologies, Inc. (President: Tsutomu Katayama; “FPT”) as of July 20, 2010.

Fuji Oil and Solae will both continue with the sales of soy protein and soy fibers products in Japan after the termination. Solae plans to supply its products through DuPont K.K..

To facilitate transfer of operations following the termination, FPT will continue business until around October 1, 2010. Fuji Oil and Solae will cooperatively make efforts to smoothly transfer supply of products during this period.

About Solae, LLC

(1) Established: April 2003
(DuPont (USA): 72%, Bunge Limited: (Headquarters: White Plains, NY): 28%)
(2) Headquarters: St. Louis, MO USA
(3) CEO: Torkel Rhenman
(4) Employees: Approx. 2,400
(5) Net sales: Approx. $1.2 billion
(6) Line of business: Production and sales of soy protein isolates, soy protein concentrates, fibrous soy protein, granular soy protein, soy fibers, soy lecithin and soy polymers

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