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Joint Venture Company to be Established in Indonesia


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. and Pt. Mikie Oleo Nabati Industri (“MONI”) of the Musim Mas Group, an oils and fats manufacturer specializing in Southeast Asia, today have reached an agreement to establish a joint venture company in Indonesia.

1. Objectives of Establishment

 Our group has been growing on its overseas operations with a focus in the Asian markets, and will further develop and expand our processed oil and fats segment by establishing a joint venture company to produce and sell processed oil and fats in Indonesia, where growth is anticipated.

2.Outline of the New Company
(1) Name Pt. Musim Mas-Fuji
(2) Location Bekasi, Republic of Indonesia
(3) President Bachtiar Karim (MONI President)
(4) Date established October, 2010 (plan)
(5) Line of business Production and sales of margarines, shortenings and processed oils and fats
(6) End of fiscal year December 31
(7) Capital IDR 100,000 million (approx. \1 billion)
(8) Shareholders MONI: 51%
Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.: 49%
(9) Start of production January 2012 (plan)
(10) Sales target IDR 517,000million (for FY2014)
(11) Number of employees Approx. 40 (plan)

Outline of Pt. Mikie Oleo Nabatindustri

(1) Name Pt. Mikie Oleo Nabatindustri
(2) Location Bekasi, Republic of Indonesia
(3) President Bachtiar Karim
(4) Line of business Oil refining, production and sales of processed oils and fats, household oils and fats, soap ingredients and oleo-chemicals
(5) Net assets IDR 138,950 million (as of end of December 2009)

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