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Announcement for Establishment of a New Sales Company in Brazil


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. announced the establishment of a new company Fuji Oil South America in Campinas, São Paulo, Federative Republic of Brazil.

Operating globally with offices in 9 countries across the world, Fuji Oil Group has decided to set up yet another sales company in Brazil with investment from its American subsidiary Fuji Vegetable Oil, Inc. The purpose of the new company is to expand the sales of vegetable oils and soy protein products including oils and fats for making chocolate in South America which has shown tremendous growth along with the markets in China and the rest of Asia in the recent years.

Overview of the New Company

(1) Name Fuji Oil South America
(2) Location Campinas, São Paulo, Federative Republic of Brazil
(3) Representative To be dispatched from Fuji Oil. Co., Ltd.(planned)
(4) Establishment December, 2010 (planned)
(5) Main business Sales of processed oils and fats
(6) End of fiscal year December 31
(7) Capitalization BRL 1,000,000 (approx. 50,000,000 yen)
(8) Shareholder Fuji Vegetable Oil, Inc.(99%)
(9) Number of Employees 5 (planned)
(10) Start of business January 2011(planned)
(11) Sales goal Sales quantity of 4,000 tons/year

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