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Fuji Oil Participated in "Health Ingredients/Safety and Technology Japan 2008"


We exhibited at Health Ingredients/Safety and Technology Japan (Hi/S-tec) 2008, which has established a reputation as the place for new ingredients and technologies to make their debut.
The Group exhibited several soy-related materials at Hi/S-tec last year, and as its sole exhibit for this year, the Fuji Oil Group presented "β-conglycinin", the main constituent of "Lipoff-700", in the metabolic syndrome prevention pavilion this year, in efforts to spread recognition of its name (substance) and benefits. We designed the booth and offered tastings to display the protein's functionality.
Visitors showed strong interest towards "Lipoff-700", the material with "β-conglycinin" as the main element that demonstrates effectiveness in reduction of TG levels and body fat, following the New Health Testing System that came into effect in April 2008.
We thank all who visited us at the booth.

Date : October 15 (Wed) -17 (Fri)
Place : Tokyo "Big Sight"
Hi/S-tec : It is a trade show for health/functional foods and food safety/quality control