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Fuji Oil Appoints New President


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. announced the following new appointments decided at the board meeting held on February 21, 2007.

1. Scheduled date of appointment: April 1, 2007

2. Appointed personnel
Chairman Kazuhito Asahara (currently President)
President Yoshitaka Ebihara (currently Managing Director)

3. Purpose of the appointment
Fuji Oil and Group Companies have been aggressively involved in the global expansion of operations through the “Innovate 07” medium-term management plan for 2005 to 2007. This financial year is the final term of the current medium-term management plan, and we have appointed a new president as the completion of efforts to solidify the foundation for future progress. After April 2007, we will establish the next medium-term plan for 2008 and beyond with new ideas under the new administration, in order to promote further growth of our group as well as the continuing development of Fuji Oil.

4. Biography of the New President

Name: Yoshitaka Ebihara
Place of birth: Hyogo Prefecture
Date of Birth: January 9, 1946
   Academic background:
March 1969 Graduated from the Department of Fermentation Technology, the School of Engineering, Osaka University
March 1971 Completed the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University (Major in Fermentation Technology)
Career history:
October 1977 Joined Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.
November 1989 Oils and Fats Development Manager of the Food Research Institute
February 1992 Vice President of Vamo-Fuji, N.V. (now Fuji Oil Europe)
April 1998 Oils and Fats Department Director
June 2000 Director
April 2002 Managing Director (present office)
April 2004 Concurrently responsible for the Oils & Fats Processing Business Division of Duties
April 2005 Concurrently appointed as Overseas Operation Europe & America Headquarters Director (present office)

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