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Water-soluble soy polysaccharides approved in the EU


The water-soluble soy polysaccharides (product name: SOYAFIBE) we released for the first time in the world, were approved for use in the EU on July 26, as published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Extracted from fibrous bean curd residue (okara), water-soluble soy polysaccharides are high in fiber content and also provide unique functions, such as promoting the stable dispersion of proteins in acidic lactic beverages, preventing the cooked rice in lunch boxes sold in supermarkets and convenience stores from becoming sticky, and improving the loosening property of noodles. We first began marketing the product in Japan in 1993, and sales have grown steadily. The annual market in Japan is now approximately 4 billion yen, and we will endeavor to expand the range of possible applications and develop more customers.

We are also taking measures to introduce the product to the global market. In addition to presenting the product to many users, we submitted it to "FiE-2005," the largest food industry exhibition in Europe, and it was nominated as a final candidate for "The Most Innovative Food Ingredient Award" (Fi Awards). With this latest approval, we will finally start full scale marketing of the product in Europe. The annual market in Europe is estimated to be 7 to 8 billion yen, and initially we will set an annual revenue target of 3 billion yen to be achieved within a few years.

Since this product is made from okara, it is attracting attention as an ingredient that promotes the effective use of resources and the reduction of environmental impact by minimizing the cooking loss of agricultural products.

The description of the approval published in the journal is as follows:
Published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 26/07/2006
[Category] : E426
[Name] : Soybean hemicellulose (other name of water-soluble soy polysaccharides)
[Applications] : Dairy-based drinks intended for retail sale, food supplements as defined in Directive 2002/46/EC, emulsified sauce, pre-packaged fine bakery wares intended for retail sale, pre-packaged ready to eat oriental noodles intended for retail sale, pre-packaged ready to eat rice intended for retail sale, pre-packaged processed potato and rice products (including frozen, deep-frozen, chilled and dried processed products) intended for retail sale, dehydrated, concentrated, frozen and deep-frozen egg products, jelly confectionery except jelly mini-cups.

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