News Release



Exhibited at the "Restaurant Industry Fair 2006"


Fuji Oil exhibited its products at, the "Restaurant Industry Fair 2006," in order to create a wider public acknowledgement of the new functions and flavors of our products. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to all those who visited.

Date: Oct. 4 (Wed) - 5 (Thu), 2006
Venue: Sunshine City Cultural Hall
Details: We introduced visitors to our frying fat, "COOK PAL," and we also exhibited and offered samples of the new lineup of the SOYAFARM brand, including: "HAND-MADE HIROZU TRIPLETS," (a ganmo product) " SATISFYING VEGGIE BURGERS," "YUBA-WRAPPED FRIED CHICKEN," "FLAVORED YUBA WRAPS," and "SIDE DISH de SOY NOODLE."