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Exhibited at "HI/S-Tec Japan 2006"


Fuji Oil exhibited its products at, the "Health Ingredients Japan 2006/Safety and Technology Japan 2006 (HI/S-Tec Japan 2006) ", for the purposes of: 1. Widely disseminating our "SOYAFARM" brand, 2. Positively promoting the extensiveness and depth of, the "soy ingredients of the Fuji Oil Group," and 3. Vigorously boosting the establishment of public acknowledgement of Fuji Oil Group being the prime player in the field of soybean products. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to all those who visited.

Date: Oct 4 (Wed) - 6 (Fri), 2006
Venue: Tokyo "Big Sight" Exhibition Center
Details: We exhibited many products, including the following: soy protein soluble in an acidic pH range (SOYA SOUR), powdered soy protein (FUJIPRO and PROLEENA), grained soy protein (New FUJINIK, APEX), soy peptides (New SOY PEPTIDES/ HINUTE AM), water soluble polysaccharides (SOYAFIBE, SOYAUP, SUPER RICE MAKER), WHOLE SOY MILK, FERMENTED SOY MILK, THICK SOY MILK, and LIQUID TOFU