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Construction of a new chocolate plant, "The Rinku Plant"


Fuji Oil is constructing a new plant called "The Rinku Plant" (lot area of approx. 10,000 m2) on Sennan City's "Rinku Town Industrial Site." The construction of the Plant began in April 2005, and the Plant is scheduled to begin operations in January 2006, with an investment of around 1.67 billion yen.

Fuji Oil is a leading manufacturer of chocolate for commercial use and has decided to construct a new plant in order to respond to the ever diversifying needs of our customers. The main product to be produced at the new plant will be a tinted 'ingredient' chocolate such as green tea and strawberry chocolate. Also, the plant will be constructed in accordance to HACCP specifications.

"The Rinku Plant" is located approximately 10 km from the Fuji Oil Headquarters (Hannan Business Operations Complex, Hannan Research Center), which stands as Fuji Oil's main plant. It is an ideal location to maintain close communications with the current Haannan Plant and the R & D Center.

With the construction of the new plant, our chocolate manufacturing facilities will equate to three in Japan, this includes the existing Hannan Business Operations Complex and the Kanto Plant and five including the overseas plants. We are making advances in responding to our customers' diverse requests sensitively, accurately and swiftly.

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