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Acquisition of Imagawa Co., Ltd operations


Imagawa Co.,Ltd, a wholesale store of confectionery and bakery ingredients based in Oita city has been extending its business mainly with our products since its establishment in 1954. However, the owner of the company has no appropriate successor in his source and requested Fuji Oil to take over its business. Fuji Oil therefore acquired the entire share of the company and has taken over its operations.

Fuji Oil decided to take over the business, as there was a need to maintain and expand sales in Oita Prefecture without delay, while intending to intensify sales to the confectionery and bakery industry.

Henceforth, Fuji Oil will utilize the company as a base to further intensify the sales of confectionery and bakery ingredients in Oita Prefecture.

1. Company Outline
  Corporate name : Imagawa Co., Ltd
  Headquarters : 1186-3 Furugo, Oita-shi
  Establishment : July 1988 (with current corporate name)
  Capital : 10 million yen (100% invested by Fuji Oil)
  Annual sales : 1.664 million yen (as of fiscal September term of 2004)
  Company representative : President Yasuaki Nagao (dispatched on April 1, 2005 from Fuji Oil)
  Business description : Wholesale of confectionery and bakery ingredients and packaging materials
2. Date of handover : March 31, 2005

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