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Our Products Exhibited at the "2005 JAPAN CAKE SHOW TOKYO"


Fuji Oil ran a booth at the "2005 JAPAN CAKE SHOW TOKYO" this year, as we did last year. We were delighted to see so many visitors at our booth. Thank you all very much for visiting.

Tokyo Trade Center, Hamamatsucho-kan 3F 1-7-8, Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

04/10/2005 (Tue)06/10/2005 (Thu) Opening hours: (on 4th & 5th) 10:00 17:00 (on 6th) 10:00 16:00

Concept for exhibiting
Largely dividing the booth into three sections (soy sweets/cream/chocolate),we presented each section's brand image and originality to each customer/visitor.

・Soy sweets
Soy sweets made with delicious soy milk ingredients, "Thick Soy Milk" and "Liquid Tofu," specifically developed for Western-style confections and desserts.

"La Clair" - a blending-in cream, which sustains a delicious purity in flavor that you can recognize in the mouth.

"FLOR de CACAO," "DUOFROLE" and "PATE a GLACER" - are chocolates specifically developed as confectionery ingredients. They are all chocolates for Patissiers.