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SOYA FARM's radio advertising for modified soy milk has the top prize


On November 17th, "The Osaka Advertisement Association, CM Joint Study Group" sponsored the "MADE IN OSAKA CM AWARDS," and the radio commercial message (CM) for SOYA FARM's "Great tasting modified soy milk" won the Top Award. The awards were presented to excellent CMs created in the Kansai region, for the purpose of vitalizing and further developing Osaka-originating CMs.
This year, there were 77 CM entries in total, with the Top Award presented to one company, and the Outstanding Awards to five others. The Top Award-winning "Seiji Miyane's Mame-Mame Radio" was a groundbreaking radio show, in which radio personality, Seiji Miyane, talked about many different soy milk-related topics during each show. His radio show was aired 110 times from April to September.