News Release



A Sales Subsidiary for 'Soy Protein Foods'Established in the USA


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has established an overseas local firm in the United States of America in order to seek a new market for soy protein foods.

In 1999, the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the health claim of soy protein* in America. Since the FDA approval, a positive image, 'soy beans are good for your health' has been spreading among consumers across the nation, creating a great upsurge in consumption of soy-bean derived foods. America is now, truly, having a 'Soy Sensation'.

Soy-based foods, Japanese foods, and Asian foods are becoming increasingly popular. Alongside the recent huge hit of the Low Carb Diet, an even greater number of people have turned to Atkins style (Low Carb) processed foods including soy protein foods as a major ingredient.

Fuji Oil has named the newly established firm, SOYAFARM USA, as to further promote the 'SOYAFARM' brand, which has already been actively promoted in Japan, and to initiate sales of 'SOYAFARM' brand products.

In the immediate future, the firm will operate the sales of products imported from Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. (Japan) and Shandong Longteng Fuji Foodstuffs Co., Ltd. (A Chinese subsidiary). Furthermore, SOYAFARM USA will also carry out research and development to meet market expectations over our products and quality, enabling the products to enter and expand in the market for consumers and industry alike. We aim to nurture the firm into one of the key in soy protein foods businesses following those of Japan and China.

Company name: SOYAFARM USA Inc.
Company president: Tatsumi Miyazaki (Dispatched from Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.)
Capital: US$ 1 million
Address: 17830 S. Western Ave, Suite B Gardena, California 90248

* In October 1999, FDA approved a health claim, '25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease', to be used on labels of soy-based foods.