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Forum held by the Fuji Foundation for Protein Research


This year the annual forum organized by the foundation was held at the Sendai Sunplaza conference hall in the city of Sendai.

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"The Preventive Effect of Soy Protein on Diseases relating to Arteriosclerosis"
By Dr. Takemichi Kanazawa, Director of Murakami Hospital in Aomori

"Physiology - the Functional Element contained in Soybeans, and its Effect on Female Cancer and Menopausal Disorder"By Dr. Chisato Nagata, Associate Professor at Gifu University School of Medicine

An audience of nearly 170, including not only dieticians but also ordinary people, gathered in the hall to hear the forum.
We found many people in the lobby reading the reports published by the foundation, looking with immense interest at the displays of foods that utilize soybeans, and asking questions. This further strengthened our realization of the degree to which people are interested in health.