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Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has set up a sales company named Fuji Sunny Foods Corp., Pte., Ltd., in Singapore.


In Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and China, the Fuji Group has completed deployment of manufacturing bases for chocolate, fresh cream, margarine, shortening and other confectionery and bread ingredients, as soy protein processed foods. In 2001, Fuji Sunny Plaza Singapore was established to provide a base for sales proposals starting with ideas for consumer's products appropriate to different countries all over the Asian region.

At Fuji Sunny Foods , with the aim of expanding sales in the bakery, confectionery, convenience store, fast food, hotel, restaurant, and other sectors, the newly established Fuji Sunny Foods will wield its power to suggest winning products that can be made using the diverse line up of confectionery and bread ingredients, processed oils, soy protein processed foods, and other products made by Fuji Group companies in various Asian countries. Sales of S$34 are estimated in 2005.

All over Asia, the lifestyles are rapidly becoming more and more Westernized. There have been radical changes in eating habits, including greater consumption of snacks and bread. To meet these growing needs, the new company is responding with a system that, in addition to providing a stable supply of food ingredients, is able to propose winning final products, distribution, and other essentials appropriate for each locality. The Fuji Group has completed the establishment of a production system that is able to give a finely tuned response to expanding new demand. Furthermore, by setting up and consolidating the new sales and distribution system, the Group is planning to double its sales in the Asian region in two years.

・Outline of the new company
Company name:Fuji Sunny Foods Corp. Pte. Ltd.
President:Hirokuni Kawabe
Address:No.9 Senoko Crescent, Singapore
Capitalization:SGD 200,000 (approx. JPY 14 million)
Share holder:Fuji Oil, Woodland Sunny Foods, Fuji Oil Singapore, Palmaju Edible Oil
Sales area:Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea