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Fujisunny Plaza Given Formal Introduction in Singapore -- New Cream Factory Starts Operation


Construction of a new cream factory in the premises of Woodlands Sunny Foods, a group company of Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. in Singapore, has been completed. To celebrate its start of operations and introduce the new Fujisunny Plaza Singapore, which opened last summer, a local event was held on Feb. 7.

For the event day, invitations were given to confectioners, bakers, and material wholesalers, who are customers in South East Asia. They were given explanations of the future business plans in South East Asia with emphasis on the Fujisunny Plaza, and then shown the various facilities of the Fujisunny Plaza and the confectionery cream factory, which started operation in January of this year.

The Fujisunny Plaza Singapore is the place where the Japanese-style proposal sales know-how (the development of new confectionery and baking software in cooperation with customers) is implemented for sales promotion in the South East Asian market. It enables manufactures to develop cakes and buns, ice cream, desserts, and other products to match the tastes of the people in the various countries and regions and keep ahead of their competitors as people's tastes are rapidly changing toward western styles.

The Fuji Group companies in South East Asia work together to satisfy customer needs. For example, in the confectionery and baking materials, chocolate products are produced at P.T. Freyabadi Indotama; cream and margarine are produced at Woodland Sunny Foods; and oils and fats are produced at Fuji Oil Singapore. This method of operations is based on Fuji Group's fundamental concept of "Produce on the spot and sell on the spot," which enables local companies to better grasp and more quickly respond to the needs of local customers in foods.

Moreover, the Fuji Group is currently undertaking a target to double its total sales in the South East Asian market. Utilizing the Fujisunny Plaza Singapore is a big step toward the accomplishment of this project goal.


Location: No 45, Senoko road, Singapore 758114


Established in July, 1988.
Produces and sells Bechamel sauce, frozen piecrust, margarine, and confectionery cream.


Established in 1996.
New factory completed in November, 2001.
Produces and sells ingredient chocolate products in Indonesia and neighboring countries.


Established in 1984.
Produces and sells specialty fats including oils & fats for chocolate.