News Release



PHS extension call system across entire company starts


February 13, 2001, We at Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. start using PHS for extension calls, which is switched from all the extension phones used within the company.
In 1996, we began QR (Quick Response) campaign designed for providing immediate responses to our customers. This time, as a part of the QR campaign, we cease using telephones on the desks and aim to provide faster response to our customers by supplying PHS phones to every employee. Even if an employee is away from the desk or on a business trip, as long as he or she is in the Fuji Oil's premises such as branch offices, sales offices and factories, extension call connections can be established. When an employee is outside the Fuji Oil's premises, extension calls will be forwarded to each PHS phone as external calls. The new system eliminates telephone tags frequently occurred in the offices having laboratory, production site or sales department where one spends longer time away from the desk.

Though former extension call system used dedicated telephone lines, the PHS extension call system can make a call through our company LAN to specific PBX located at each office or factory. Then, every call between Fuji Oil's office can be made at local charges even though an out-of-town call.
Therefore the PHS extension call system will contribute both to improvements in terms of QR and to saving telephone charges for local area calls.
Additionally, the system allows every employee to use the same telephone number through his or her entire career with Fuji Oil. Employee transfer to other departments or offices and organization structure change will no longer require maintenances such as wiring change and telephone number reassignment.

Currently in Japan, though there are examples that the PHS extension call system deployed into single office, our system is the first time ever for multiple offices or factories across many prefectures.
In the future, the PHS extension call system will be expected to be used as integrated IT tool equipped with further mobile capability and other features.