News Release



Completion of General Shareholder's Meeting


The 72nd Periodical General Shareholder's Meeting was held at our Hannan Business Operations Complex here at Fuji Oil (Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture)

Despite being in the middle of the damp rainy season here in Japan, many shareholders found the time from their busy schedules to attend the meeting.

The general shareholder's meeting started at 10:00 a.m. by overviewing the economical aspects of the company using a big screen, and then the explanations and approvals of scheduled bills following and were completed without a hitch.

After the meeting ended, there was an exhibition showing the main products that contributed the most to Fuji Oil's success during this period. The exhibition was held at the research center "the Fuji Sunny Plaza" located the same complex. With the dual objective of increasing the understanding and friendships between the shareholders and company executives, and having everyone try Fuji Oil products, a tasting area was also prepared with delicious treats for all to taste.

The corner was filled with the most well-liked food products from the five business divisions (Oils and Fats, Ingredient Chocolate, Confectionary and Baking Ingredient, Processed Soy Protein Food, and New Materials). Since it was before noon, the timing was perfect for everyone. The main dishes included Japanese soba, hiyashi chuka, onigiri, and chirashi sushi made using water-soluble soy polysaccharides from the New Materials Business Division; the side dishes included sukiyaki tofu, mabodofu, yaki atsuage (new product from the frozen tofu factory) using frozen tofu from the Processed Soy Protein Business Division; and the desserts included cakes, pastries, and chocolates using the custard creams from the Foodstuffs Business Divisions. The result was a greater understanding of Fuji Oil products by all in attendance.

Almost all who attended the general meeting made it to the tasting festival and time unfortunately expired while all were still thoroughly enjoying themselves.

In the future as well, as a manufacturer of intermediate food ingredients/materials, we look forward to our next chance to hold a similar gathering and wish all of you can find the time to attend again.