News Release



All Company Internal Telephones Changed to PHS System Telephones (Portable Telephones) and All Fixed Desktop Telephones Eliminated


Starting in September of this year, Fuji Oil will change all of its internal telephones to PHS systems.

In 1996, Fuji Oil started a Quick Response (QR) campaign, where the company will always be able to respond immediately to customer needs and requests.

As a part of this campaign, the fixed internal desktop telephones that were located in all offices are being abolished, and each employee will be issued their own portable PHS system telephones. The aim is the ultimate in convenience and quick response.

Whether an employee is out of their seats or out on business, as long as they are in any of branch office, sales office, factory, or other Fuji Oil facilities in Japan, they can be reached directly through the internal telephone system for speedy response to all calls. This is especially helpful for the Hannan Business Operations Complex where research and production takes place and many employees are away from their assigned desks. With the employees having their telephones with them, locating and/or paging time will be eliminated.

Also, with the switch to PHS telephones, from the time employees enter the company until the time they retire, regardless of whether they change departments or offices, their telephone number will not change. Expensive maintenance concerning wiring modifications and new telephone number assignments, which usually personnel department changes, will no longer be necessary.

Changes will start with the Hannan Business Operations Complex and Sakai Factory in September of this year. By the end of the fiscal year 2001, all eleven offices and facilities will be completed. Moreover, as a new IT tool that combines merit of mobility, we are also expecting many new useful functions in the future.