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ISO 14001 Certification


Our Hannan Business Operations Complex (Izumi Sano City, Osaka Prefecture) received the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

From April 1999, by combining our environment-related measures that we have decided on as a group with the Hannan Business Operations Complex's environmental measures, we set about achieving ISO 14001 certification. To clearly define the purpose of our activities, an environmental preservation committee was established. Under this committee, drainage, energy saving, and waste product divisions were set up and goals were established for the whole complex. Moreover, individual environmental strategies were undertaken by each of the production, R&D, and staff sections. Then, May of this year saw the end of the first stage inspections, and the second and final stage inspections were completed in September. At long last, on 22 September, we received certification.

This complex, situated inside a seaside foods manufacturing complex has been undertaking environmental protection measures such as pollution prevention and energy conservation since it began operation in 1969. When the complex was built, the boiler's chimney was fixed at a height of 72 meters (originally set at 50 meters) in consideration of air pollution, and because of that height, the chimney has come to stand as a symbol for the complex. After this, to further the energy saving and environmental measures, the 'co-generation' system was introduced completely converting from heavy oil to the city gas supply, reducing NOx emissions and reducing SOx emissions to zero in 1992. Also, situated on the coast, we have been involved from early on in environmental protection by treating drainage into the inland sea for active pollutants, removing dirt and waste, using oil fences, and so on.

Meanwhile, in the 1997 mid-term business plan, the company declared that in its business undertakings it would add "environment protection" to the already existing "safety" and "quality" standards as a fundamental principle of its operation. Regarding product quality, we achieved domestically ISO 9001 certification in 1998 and then continued our efforts by turning to the environment. Developing on a global level, Fuji Group aims to be a food intermediary materials manufacturer that sets a world standard and is capable of meeting the demands of our customers.


Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. Hannan Business Operations Complex
The Hannan Business Operations Complex is center for the Fuji Group based on
our information network connected throughout the world, and
our staff function to support the Fuji Group's development, production and sales.
Corporate staff functions : personnel, legal and public relations, business administration, accounting, and information systems.
Technical staff function : technological development, research and development, safety assurance, quality assurance, and primary function.
Purchases, logistics : raw materials, data, and logistics
Business section : research and development, technology, and production

History : Started operating in 1969
Area : Approx. 220,000 m2
Number of employees : Approx. 800
Types of product : Processed oils and fats
  For use in chocolate, frying, sprays, frozen confectioneries, creams, and more
  Confectionery and confectionery bread materials
  Chocolate, margarine, shortening, creams, vegetable cheeses, fillings, and more
  Soy proteins
  Isolated soy proteins, structural soy proteins, soymilk, and water-soluble soy
  Soy protein foods
  Frozen tofu and frozen "kinu atsuage"