News Release



New Trend of Soy Protein --- Soluble Soy Polysaccharide(SSPS), Dietary Fiber of Soybeans, expands its new application.


Soluble Soy Polysaccharide(SSPS), which is a dietary fiber of soybeans, has been overwhelmingly used in acidic beverages. However, in recent development of the markets, new applications to noodles and rice cooking have been sharply increasing. Above all, the application in the noodle shows a big increase in cooked and nicely cooled nodle dishes being sold in convenience stores, which is major sales item especially in summer season.

Sales volume of noodle products of 'one personal portion pack' being sold in convenience stores is said to be some 4 million packs a day, and the consumption is now firmly steady not only among young generation but also as a regular family food item.

The stronger-kneed noodle of good eating quality is, the stickier the noodle becomes each other. SSPS will add a non-sticky and mutually loosening characteristics to the boiled noodles.

As hot summer season draws near, varieties of noodle dishes such as chilled "Udon" noodles of refreshing eating quality and smooth in throat and cooled chinese noodles etc. are the attractive menu.

If you come across above products in shops and stores, most surely they are containing our SSPS. We are looking forward to your kind patronage.