Disclosure Policy

1. Disclosure of Important Information
Regarding disclosure of important information (Note), the Company strictly obeys the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, other relevant laws and regulations, and the rules of financial instruments exchanges, to disclose it appropriately at suitable times to shareholders, investors, and others.
2. Voluntary Information Disclosure
In addition to the disclosure of important information, the Company strives for full voluntary disclosure of financial composition, management policy, business strategy, and so on, so that customers, shareholders, investors, and others can make decisions based accurate understanding of the Company's condition.
3. Fair Information Disclosure
When performing the above information disclosure, the Company takes care to avoid selective disclosure to specified entities and works to achieve fair information disclosure.
4. Development of Internal Systems
The Company works to develop and improve internal systems to enable appropriate performance of the above information disclosure.
5. Silent Period

In order to prevent the leak of financial or other information that could affect share prices, the Company maintains a "silent period" from one day after the closing date until the earnings announcement date. During this period, the Company refrains from answering questions or commenting about financial results. However, in the event that it becomes clear during the silent period that financial results are expected to be far off previous projections, the Company will work to follow disclosure rules and make an appropriate announcement.

(Note) "Important information" refers to company information on important decisions or events occurring in the Company or its subsidiaries that are required to be disclosed under stipulations in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, relevant rules set by financial instruments exchanges where securities are listed, or other laws and rules.