Promoting Occupational Safety and Health

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Management information

Relation between themes and business activities

Fuji Oil Group's business activities involve the participation of various people. Amid the diversification of working styles and increased labor mobility, we, as a corporate group, have the social responsibility to ensure the safety of our employees. Our initiatives to promote occupational safety and health contribute directly to the good health of our employees.

Basic approach

The Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy places “Safety, quality, and the environment” as the first of our values. Among the three items, the Group places “safety” as the highest priority for continuous development. We promote occupational safety and health by pursuing the following six-item Basic Policy of Safety and Health. Under the slogan: “Let's create a safe workplace by observing the rules and sharing our experience,” we protect the lives and health of our employees and all the people working at our business sites, and achieve zero labor accidents.

Basic Policy of Safety and Health

  • The base of our thought is the dignity of human life.
  • The base of our safety activities is the participation by all our officers and employees.
  • Every manager is responsible a responsibility for safety.
  • Good physical and mental health makes you a safer worker.
  • Making our workplace safe.
  • Becoming aware of and avoiding safety risks.

Promotion system

We promote our initiatives for occupational safety and health under the supervision of the Chief “ESG” Officer (C“ESG”O). Moreover, the ESG Committee*, which is an advisory body to the Board of Directors, confirms the progress and results of these initiatives as a priority theme for ESG management.

* Refer to the URL below for details of the ESG Committee.

Objectives / Results

FY 2019 objectives

  • Ensuring that pre-work hazard prediction activities (meetings) take root among all Group companies
  • Further enhancing safety management activities at Group companies for high risk of labor accidents

FY 2019 results

Efforts were devoted to hazard prediction activities at all our production sites, including the ones where hazard prediction activities were already firmly rooted. In addition to conducting hazard prediction activities, Group companies at high risk of labor accidents listed dangerous points and conditions at their business sites and made improvements. More specifically, Fuji Oil Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) and Group companies under its umbrella undertook hiyari-hatto (near-miss event) detection activities and safety campaigns.
In FY2019, labor accidents (causing non-lost-time and lost-time injuries) in the Fuji Oil Group accounted 100. (No serious accidents occurred). The causes of all these accidents were identified, and measures to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents were adopted. Moreover, information about these accidents was shared with all Group companies, and solutions to crucial problems were applied widely.

Next Step

We will promote educational and awareness-raising activities to prevent labor accidents to achieve the goal of “maintaining zero-accident status at all Group companies by creating a comfortable, safe workplace environment while giving the highest priority to respect people and their safety”. In FY2020, all Group companies will provide hazard prediction training and conduct yubisashi-kosho (pointing and calling) activities or “stop-look-think-act” activities* to eliminate dangerous operations. In addition, to prevent serious material accidents, Group companies will carry out full equipment inspections and other activities.

* “Stop-look-think-act” activities: A simplified version of yubisashi-kosho (pointing and calling) activities, in which workers stop, look at the situation, think and then act.

Specific initiatives

Risk management and countermeasures

In the Fuji Oil Group’s risk management system, occupational safety and health risks are designated as Group-wide significant risks. The Production Productivity Management Group, established at Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. in 2017, works in line with the Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy in cooperation with each Fuji Oil Group company to eliminate accidents and raise the level of health management. This is done by conducting occupational safety and health audits at each production site to assess risks.

Fuji Oil Group companies and their business sites in Japan plan to conduct occupational safety and health audits every year. In FY 2019, nine production sites in Japan were audited by the Safety, Quality, and Environment Audit Team of the Safety, Quality, and Environment Audit Office at Fuji Oil Co., Ltd., the regional controlling office in charge of the nine production sites. Occupational safety and health audits of Group companies outside Japan are planned according to the results of their previous audits. In FY 2019, eight production sites outside Japan were subject to occupational safety and health audits conducted by the Production Productivity Management Group at Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. Each audit includes checking the progress of improvements recommended in the previous audit and listing new occupational safety and health risks and recommended improvements. These steps are aimed at enabling the auditees to carry out necessary improvements and consequently further raise their levels of occupational safety and health.

We also consider labor-management dialogue important to manage occupational safety and health risks and assess and improve measures to address such risks. For example, in accordance with the labor agreement, a Safety and Health Committee meeting is held at Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. every month to discuss employees' expectations and concerns regarding occupational safety and health.

Acquisition of Management Certifications

Refer to the URL below for details of Group companies’ management certification status.


The Fuji Oil Group implements measures based on the recognition that prevention of labor accidents at manufacturing sites is one of its most important responsibilities. We conduct checks to identify dangerous operations and situations that can lead to accidents and take necessary measures. We also promote the PDCA cycle for risk management, as well as hiyari-hatto (near-miss event) detection activities. Furthermore, in recognition of the importance of raising safety awareness among employees of the overall Group, we have created multilingual safety leaflets to distribute to Group companies. Group companies give employees safety warnings every day using electric bulletin boards or information boards. They also implement other initiatives to heighten employees’ safety awareness, including setting up safety experience rooms to enable employees to experience dangerous conditions.

As a preventive measure against human errors, Group companies in Japan have conducted yubisashi-kosho (pointing and calling) promotion activities under the slogans “Call and point” and “Point once for each operation.” As a result, the practice of pointing and calling has gradually taken root in Group companies in Japan. We will continue striving to more firmly establish the practice of "pause and confirm," which is one of the basics of occupational safety.

Group companies outside Japan are also implementing safety activities to prevent labor accidents, including establishment of the Safety and Health Committee,* safety patrols,*2 safety communication activities,*3 and safety meetings.*4

* Safety and Health Committee: A committee of representatives of labor and management who report and discuss safety and health matters under the chairperson appointed by the company

*2 Safety patrol: Patrol conducted in plants by members of the Safety and Health Committee to improve and eliminate dangerous points or conditions

*3 Safety communication activities: Activities to raise employees’ safety awareness by handing down knowledge of past labor accidents and countermeasures to younger generations

*4 Safety meetings: Meetings held before the day’s work begins to inform workers about safety matters that require special attention that day

Safety experience training

  • Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.
    Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.

Safety Campaign 2020 (Slips, Trips & Falls)

  • Harald (Brazil)
    Harald (Brazil)
  • フジ グローバル チョコレート(M)(マレーシア)Fuji Global Chocolate (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
    Fuji Global Chocolate (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)


We established ESG management awards as a system for commending departments and Group companies for their good ESG practices, including those in the field of occupational safety and health.
In FY 2019, one business site in Japan received the award for its occupational safety initiatives in the previous fiscal year (FY 2018).


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