Global R&D Network

Fuji Oil Group companies have their own R&D teams to localize the Group’s technologies or to develop solutions for their particular regional markets. Examples of innovations that were developed to meet the needs of regional markets include the fat Redusat, with reduced saturated fat, that was developed by Fuji Oil Europe for the European market where consumers are looking for products that combine enjoyment with a lower calorie intake, or Blommer’s Lyra brand of reduced sugar chocolate that complies with the US standard for real chocolate even though it has a 25% reduced sugar content.
As a Group, we continue to build our global research and development network in order to understand the needs of markets around the world and to respond to changing needs and trends more quickly.
In addition to the R&D teams in each Group company, we have three major R&D centers, located in Japan (Osaka and Tsukuba) and Singapore, and in 2021 the Fuji Oil Group will open the “Global Innovation Center Europe” in the Food Valley, The Netherlands as its first R&D center outside of Asia.
To further support localization and the development of applications relevant for regional customers, we have Fujisunny Plazas in Japan, China, and Asia, where we co-create applications with our staff and customers to meet local market preferences.

We proactively promote open innovation as a means of accelerating innovation and the creation of new business for the Group through building industry-academia-government consortia with research institutes and industrial partners.
As an example, we are carrying out collaborative research with the National University of Singapore and Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and these collaborations, among other activities, and these form part of our Group’s fundamental research.
To stimulate future growth and innovation within the Fuji Oil Group and to succeed in our mission to resolve the world’s food-related challenges, we continue to reform the structure and focus of our research and development activities across the Group.

Animal Welfare Policy

Fuji Oil Group will not fund, conduct or commission animal testing for food business unless we cannot avoid complying with laws or regulatory requirements when there are no alternative testing methods available.
(Declared in August 2019)