Vegetable Oils and Fats Business

Creating a variety of delicious foods with diverse Vegetable oils and fats


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The Fats and Oils Business represents the foundation on which the Fuji Oil Group was founded and is the mainstay business representing the core of our technology.
Using palm and coconut oil as raw materials, we develop, manufacture, and sell food oils, oils for food processing, and hard butters for chocolate.
In particular, our hard butters for chocolate are preferred around the world for providing improved functionality, including helping create chocolate that melts in the mouth and chocolate that is heat resistant.
Today, our hard butters for chocolate boast a worldwide Top 3 market share.
We provide optimal fat and oil products to suit specific foods and preparation methods.

  • Hard Butters for Chocolate

    We develop diverse lineup of hard butters for chocolate. The assortment includes types with a high resistance to heat that are perfect for baked confections, soft types suitable for cream, and types that melt in the mouth with cold sense.
    With these products, quality can be changed in various ways, depending on the type of chocolate to be manufactured.

  • Confectionery Oils & Fats

    We develop and sell confectionery oils and fats with a diversity of functions by applying technology that was researched and developed in the Fuji Oil Group.
    Our oils and fats for kneading or folding into baked confections are ideal for making items with a pleasant taste and texture.

  • Frying and Spraying Oils

    We are developing oils for frying and spraying that have features with excellent stability.
    We have an assortment of oil products for all kinds of applications, including types for cooking with good oil deflection, nice body, and a strong savory taste, and types for deep-frying with firmness and crispiness.

  • Fats for Frozen Confectionery

    These fats meet various needs with their ability to give confections a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture and feeling of volume.
    We have a full assortment of vegetable plant-based oils, based on palm and coconut oil, for kneading into frozen confections.

  • Emulsified Oils & Fats, Powdered Oils & Fats, and Lubricating/Releasing Oils

    Emulsified oils and fats demonstrate functions for improving the texture of crepes and other foods. Powdered oils and fats help to give egg roll skins and biscuits a crispy texture, and to prevent noodles from clumping.
    In the category of oils for lubricating and releasing, we have diverse types including spraying oils and fats that have a high stability and can act as both lubricants and agents facilitating separation from molds.