Emulsified and Fermented Ingredients Business

Business in emulsified and fermented ingredients to address various needs

Sales composition(FY2023)

15.9 %

The Fuji Oil Group applies the technology cultivated in the oils and fats business to make emulsified and fermented ingredients.

We propose ingredients that combine functionality and taste, such as whipping cream, margarine, cheese flavored ingredients and premium soy milk products based on the world's USS manufacturing method.

  • Whipping Cream

    Made through application of sophisticated emulsified and sterilization technology, our whipping cream has stable characteristics.
    Offering both features for maintenance of delicious flavor and ease of use, our assortment of cream is utilized by customers in many different industries in the world, including confectionery manufacturers and convenience stores.

  • Margarine

    We provide a rich variety of margarine products, such as confectionery margarine with a buttery flavor that is perfect for making items such as cookies, madeleine, financier, and bakery margarine that gives baked items a soft and pleasantly chewy texture.

  • Filling

    Our diverse assortment of fillings includes custard cream with an accent on a homemade taste, chocolate cream with high-grade bitter chocolate blended in, and soy milk fillings.
    These fillings are indispensable as ingredients for making premium bakery items and desserts.

  • Cheese-Flavor Ingredients

    Using our original fermentation technology and dairy materials carefully selected from suppliers around the world, we have developed cheese-flavor ingredients for tiramisu and other products. We are developing and selling ingredients that are essential for making popular desserts.
    We also supply items such as cheese-like ingredients that does not harden even when chilled, which is ideal for making pizza and gratin dishes.

  • Premium Soymilk Products

    The Fuji Oil Group developed soy milk cream and low-fat soy milk. These are premium soy milk products made with the USS Manufacturing Method, the world’s first technology of its kind, for separation of soy by a process similar to that for separation of raw milk.
    These products have a delicious flavor and functions that conventional soy milk has lacked. They highlight the true flavor of the ingredients while adding the delicious flavor and body of soy to them.