Employee Health (Health Management)

Management information

Relevance to our business

The Fuji Oil Group considers employees as the company’s capital, and recognizes that the health and well-being of employees are also important management measures from the perspective of enhancing the quality of human capital.

Basic approach

In January 2017, we announced the Fuji Oil Group Health Management Declaration, which states that we will proactively engage in health management.
Based on this declaration, we have been implementing various measures to enhance employee health. We strive to create a vibrant workplace and health culture by providing employees with helpful information and programs to encourage them to maintain and enhance their own health.

Fuji Oil Group Health Management Declaration

In Fuji Oil Group’s Management Philosophy, we set forth our Vision: “We seek to contribute to society by creating a future of delicious and healthy foods using our core technologies in oils/fats and soy.” Health is important not only for the happiness of our employees and their families, but also to raise the strength of our Group. So here, Fuji Oil Group declares that we proactively engage in Health Management.
The highest priority in Health Management is the health and happiness of our employees, and we believe that a fulfilling work life will enhance our corporate value. The most important thing for Health Management is individual health awareness. In other words, we need to take care of our own health. We will keep health in mind and work ethically, righteously, positively and vigorously. We can then work for people, solve their problems, and drive forward our contribution to society.
As part of Health Management, we take actions to support our employees to sustain and improve their health. Specifically, we implement initiatives in areas such as prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and mental health problems, and also activities to promote physical strength.

Management system

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) overseas Groupwide health management initiatives. Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. established the Health Management Promotion Group consisting of occupational physicians, public health nurses, nurses, occupational counselors and other experts. We provide support for individual employees and their workplaces in each stage of disease prevention.

Specific initiatives

Measures to protect employees (enhancement of the health management system)

At Fuji Oil Group, we have all employees undergo regular health examinations. At Fuji Oil Co., Ltd., 100% of employees have had a regular health examination and 84.4% of eligible employees have had a secondary health examination (as of March 31, 2021). We aim for a target of 100% of eligible employees undergoing the secondary health examination, and strive to make good use of the examination results for the health of individual employees by enhancing health guidance.
To prevent mental health problems, we have employees respond to a stress check questionnaire (94.9% response rate in FY2020), and support each workplace’s efforts to solve issues identified there and improve the working environment by conducting psychological assessments.
We also offer Life Career Counseling services, including consultation on career concerns with full-time in-house counselors, support for employees suffering mental health problems, and the availability of an affiliated external counseling room. We thus provide a favorable environment for all employees to use counseling services without hesitation in order to respond to employees’ mental health problems at an early stage.
If employees have to take leave for a long time due to an illness or injury, the health staff will help them manage their health while they are on leave so that they can concentrate on treatment without worry. We also provide health-related support for employees who return to work in order not only to enable them to resume their work smoothly but also to create an organization where both those returning employees and their coworkers can continue to enjoy their work.
In FY2020, because people were more prone to poor mental health at the workplace especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and because remote work had been enforced throughout the company, we actively incorporated online interviews into the counseling process. Due to this early response and follow-up measures, the number of employees taking sick leave as well as the number of leave days have fallen significantly compared to the previous year.

Measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases

As the first “100-year Healthy Active Life” initiative to help prevent employees from contracting serious diseases, in November 2019 we at Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. launched a blood pressure improvement program and a smoking cessation support program for employees. The company cafeterias in Japan serve dishes using our own soybean products (Soybean Plus Dishes), low-salt dishes, and healthy dishes (Body-friendly Dishes) to raise employees’ awareness of improving their own eating habits.

Health awareness-raising and educational activities

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. strives to improve the health literacy of all employees by providing better health guidance for preventing serious conditions caused by lifestyle diseases as well as constant interventions, ranging from recommendations on treatment needs to advice for healthier lifestyles. We are also establishing a framework that can actively provide information to people at risk of getting lifestyle diseases.
In April 2019, we launched a full-scale health management system to better visualize health data as part of our efforts to enhance health guidance. The health management system enables employees to track their own health data, including the results of their own health examinations. We work with employees to raise health awareness and increase their knowledge, so that they can effectively use the system.
In FY2020, we started publishing “health columns” on the company intranet to share information on health and diseases, as well as “mental health columns” to address mental health issues during the coronavirus pandemic. We also held workshops led by occupational health physicians or public health nurses, and organized health events and other initiatives to provide employees with opportunities to enhance health awareness and encourage a change in attitude toward health. Furthermore, we held a seminar after stress checks for managers.

External recognition

Named among the top 500 in the large enterprises category (White 500) of the 2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations recognition program by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi

  • Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. (fourth consecutive year)
  • Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. (fourth consecutive year)
  • Fuji Sunny Foods Co., Ltd. (third consecutive year)

Named among the top 500 in the SME category (Bright 500) of the 2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi

  • Fuji Tsukuba Foods Co., Ltd.

Recognized in the SME category of the 2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi

  • Fuji Tsukuba Foods Co., Ltd. (third consecutive year)
  • Omu Milk Products Co., Ltd. (third consecutive year)

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