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Solutions through PBF

The Fuji Oil Group incorporates the concept of using plant-based ingredients to tackle challenges faced in terms of food around the world through plant-based food solutions (PBFS) in all of its businesses and products.

Plant-Based Food Solutions
developed since our founding


Since the foundation of the Fuji Oil Group, we have used the plant-based raw materials of palm oil, cacao, and soybeans as our primary raw materials.

Founded in 1950, Fuji Oil (Japan) expanded into Southeast Asia in its quest for raw materials for oils and fats, and focusing on the palm oil that can be obtained from palm trees, it established fractionation technology. Since then, we have provided plant-based oils and fats to meet the needs of our customers.

And in our industrial use chocolate business that was started by leveraging its plant-based oils and fats technology, we have developed a diverse range of chocolates with cacao as their primary ingredient.

When the company was founded it pressed oil from soybeans, and it then focused on the fact that high quality protein was found in abundance in the soybean meal that was being discarded. The company commercialized soy protein out of a desire to avoid waste, and poured effort into developing products for traditional Japanese plant-based foods such as tofu and deep-fried tofu.

Through a synergy of the plant-based raw materials including palm oil, cacao, and soybeans that form Fuji Oil’s main raw materials and the technology of oil and fats, protein processing, emulsification and fermentation that we have developed since our founding, we work to solve the problems faced by customers, society, and the planet using plant-based foods.

These are the Fuji Oil Group’s plant-based food solutions.


The Future of Plant-Based Food Solutions


The Fuji Oil Group works to accelerate the global expansion of its plant-based food solutions that use plant-based ingredients.

With a focus on health, flavor, and sustainability, we shall create a synergy of oils and fats, protein processing, emulsification and fermentation technology across the Fuji Oil Group as a whole in order to solve food-related problems together with our customers around the globe.

Here you can find out about new PBFS technologies and initiatives.


MIRACORE™ - Bringing More Flavor
to Plant-Based Food

MIRACORE™ technology was developed with the concept of developing a core technology that leverages the potential of plants to create food that is both healthy and delicious.
This technology achieves a level of flavor and satisfaction equal to that of animal-based products.

MIRACORE™ is rooted in our long history of research into plant-based oils and fats and protein and is a unique achievement by the Fuji Oil Group. Already it has a track record of use in the eating establishment market in Japan.

We will continue to expand our MIRACORE™ offering in order to bring delicious food to customers around the world wherever they are enjoying plant-based foods.


Co-creation of Alternative Protein

The Fuji Oil Group is investing in the UNOVIS NCAP II Fund, which is a major fund specializing in food technology.

We shall leverage our oils and fats and protein technologies and accelerate the growth of our PBFS business in Europe, the Americas and other regions through participating in a wide variety of alternative protein investments and building an ecosystem to support our move into these markets.

UPGRADE: Delivering PBFS Directly
to Consumers in Japan

We established the UPGRADE Plant Based Kitchen in Japan - a restaurant that aims to provide satisfying and healthy food through a menu featuring new plant-based concepts for hamburgers, deep-fried specialties, lasagna, desserts, and other dishes.
We are continuing the development of our UPGRADE concept kitchen in a variety of ways, including the introduction of "kitchen car" food trucks.

・UPGRADE HP:https://upg-pbk.com/

・UPGRADE Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/upg_pbk/