News Release

2019.7.19Notification of the Establishment of Fuji Brandenburg GmbH

FUJI OIL HOLDINGS INC. (Hiroshi Shimizu, President & CEO) will establish a new subsidiary named Fuji Brandenburg GmbH (hereinafter “FBG”), as described below.

1. Purpose of establishment

The Fuji Oil Group aspires to be a global enterprise that contributes to its customers and society through the provision of delicious and healthy foods. We are engaged in business in Japan, Southeast Asia, China, the Americas, and Europe in the 4 fields of vegetable oils and fats, industrial chocolate, emulsified and fermented ingredients, and soy-based ingredients.
FBG will be established to produce soluble pea polysaccharides* as part of our function-enhancing ingredients business to supply the U.S. and European markets. By drawing on our knowledge of soluble soy polysaccharides* and related technologies that we have accumulated in our domestic market, we intend to expand our global business in function-enhancing ingredients through intra-Group cooperation. We are pursuing accelerated business development under our Midterm Management Plan titled “Towards a Further Leap 2020,” and have the goal of promoting our business in function-enhanced, high value-added products. With the addition of pea polysaccharides to our business portfolio, we shall respond to global needs and contribute to the expansion of the entire market for function-enhancing ingredients.

2. Outline of Fuji Brandenburg GmbH

Company name Fuji Brandenburg GmbH
Location Am Bahnhof 3-4, 15938 Golssen, Germany
Establishment July 2019
Representative Naohiro Rokukawa
Capital €25,000
Business Manufacture of soluble pea polysaccharides
Number of employees 21

* This outline is based on tentative plans at the time of this notification and is subject to change hereafter.

3. Influence on our results

The establishment of FBG will not have any significant influence on our consolidated results in this term.

*About soluble polysaccharides: Soluble soy polysaccharides, which were first developed by Fuji Oil, are a type of water-soluble dietary fiber derived from soybeans that are applied in various food products. Soluble pea polysaccharides are produced from peas.

End of report


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