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TDA Soybean Study Award given at Thai Dietetic Association annual conference


The annual conference of the Thai Dietetic Association (TDA) was held from April 24 – 26. Of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand has particularly developed specialized education in nutrition and education for dieticians, and the TDA plays a central role in this. Since 2012, Fuji Oil has aimed to contribute to ideas for and the spread of new processed soy products, and we give the TDA Soybean Study Award at the annual TDA conference. This year there were 8 award winners, which saw unique ideas such as recipes for traditional Thai dishes and desserts using soybeans. Fuji Oil has also run a booth at the annual TDA meeting since last year, exhibiting our soybean products. Of these, the soybean nugget was particularly well received! It was pleasing to see so many dieticians interested in our products. Fuji Oil Group will be contributing to soybean study in Thailand and Southeast Asia.