News Release



Display of MAME-MAGE Block at a NY show


Fuji Oil had a booth in the Japan Pavilion at the Summer Fancy Food Show (SFFS), which was held in New York (US) over the period June 25 (Sun.) – 27 (Tues.).
For this show, we introduced MAME-MAGE Block and MAME-MAGE.

In the United States, people have a particularly high consciousness of health. There is a keen sensitivity to vegetarian diets as evidenced by the popularity of the term “flexitarian,” and many visitors stopped by our booth showcasing MAME-MAGE.
Those who sampled it generally had high opinions of it, commenting how its smoothness and delicious taste were like those of real cheese, and asking where they could buy it.
Recent years have seen a trend toward preference for vegetables in dishes and ingredients in North America and Europe. In response, we are concentrating on the development of products made by application of our USS (Ultra Soy Separation) Manufacturing Method, and contributing to the creation of foods that are more delicious and healthy.

*SFFS: One of the largest food shows on the entire US East Coast, attracting food industry principals from around the world.