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“Corporate Value Creation and its Valuation” - A special lecture by President Shimizu at the Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University -


On July 13, Hiroshi Shimizu, President and CEO of the Fuji Oil Group, delivered a special lecture titled “Corporate Value Creation and its Valuation” to about 200 students enrolled in the Faculty of Economics at Kyoto University.

Mr. Shimizu began his lecture by introducing the Fuji Oil Group with comments on the Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy, “kachizukuri” (value-creating) management, and other aspects, and then spoke mainly on the soy business, a future growth field for Fuji Oil. He described the possibilities of soybeans accompanying social transformation and changes in people’s dietary lives. He asserted that Fuji Oil’s research on soybeans going back more than half a century will lead to crucial approaches for the resolution of social issues such as food shortages arising along with population increase. In the question-and-answer session, he was eagerly asked questions by many of the students.

After the lecture, Fuji Oil provided samples of MAME-MAGE Block, a fermented soy food in the form of block cheese, made with soy milk. Its cheese-like texture evoked cries of amazement from the students.

The Fuji Oil Group is determined to continue offering various support for and contributing to the development of human resources for the next generation.

* This special lecture was made under “Corporate Value Creation and its Valuation,” a lecture series endowed by Norinchukin Value Investments Co., Ltd. The series was instituted in the 2014 academic year, out of a desire to contribute, from a long-range perspective, to the development of human resources that will create value in the next generation. This year is consequently the fourth of the series. The purpose is to develop human resources that will be able to produce value for society as a whole. The lectures are delivered by corporate managers, the investors supporting them, and concerned administrative authorities.