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separation technology

Natural fats and oils are a compound of numerous fat and oil components. For example, palm oil hardens like lard but it contains low melting point liquid oil components like those in soybean oil as well as high melting point solid oil components.
Separation technology is used to divide these mixed components, and can be used to create new fats and oils with differing melting points or properties. Fuji Oil was the first company in Japan to successfully develop separation technology for fats and oils for consumption for commercialization and mass production. Today, separation technology represents a core technology that is used to create numerous Fuji Oil products.

shea nuts

The seed of a shea butter tree, mainly produced in Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ghana. Shea butter manufactured from shea nuts is used in chocolate, food, cosmetics, and soaps.


A dedicated fat for kneading using plant and animal fats and oils as raw materials, and which does not contain moisture.
Various types available, including solid, liquid, and powdery types. Makes it possible to produce a light texture, crispy, or flakey products.

soy protein food products

Refers to ganmodoki, tofu, etc., made mainly from soybean and soybean protein. Our soy protein food products are mainly used in school lunches and by processed food manufacturers, etc.

soy peptides

A substance with several amino acids bound and prepared through the enzymatic degradation of soy protein.
Soy peptides are superior in digestion and absorption properties compared to monomeric amino acids, and are considered effective for muscle reinforcement and fatigue recovery.

soy protein ingredients

A powdered or granular food material with a high protein content made from soybeans. Used in a wide range of applications, including ham and sausage production, as a quality stabilizer for kneaded products, in protein beverages, and as a meat substitute.

stabilized DHA/EPA

Oils and fats that make it easier to get DHA and EPA from various ingredients used in everyday meals by using our proprietary core technology, which mixes insoluble antioxidant ingredients into fats and oils, to suppress the "fishy odor" caused by oxidation.

sustainable procurement

Procurement activities that respect the supply chain environment and human rights.


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