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Quick summary of our Mid-Term Management Plan

Here, we use excerpts from our new Mid-Term Management Plan - Towards a Further Leap 2020 - to explain the explain the goals of the Fuji Oil Group and provide an overview of our approach and strategies for achieving those goals.

Goal future for the Fuji Oil Group

  • 2020
    Goal Structure

    Expand global structure, establish management platform, and reform the cost structure, attain competitive advantage globally by expanding global management structure

  • 2030
    Ideal Structure

    Global company for supporting health of people Achieving No.1 in the world/area by deepening the “core technology”

Approach upon which our Mid-Term Management Plan is founded

The 3 approaches forming the foundation for achieving our goal structure for 2020, the stepping stone to achieving our ideal structure in 2030.

  • delicious
    and healthy foods

    contributing to customers and society with delicious and healthy foods

  • Kachizukuri

    Promoting a shift from product-out to solution approaches in creating value

  • self-reform

    Promotion of self-reform for sustainable growth

Growth strategy

I will explain the growth strategies for our business. These represent the core points of our Mid-Term Management Plan

  • 01 Reinforcing our core competence

    Aim to expand and develop business for hard butters for chocolate, chocolate, and confectionary and bakery ingredients. Expand Group revenue and achieve sustainable growth.

  • 02Growth of soy business

    Complete structural reforms and seeks global expansion for the growing plant-based protein market to contribute to the health of people and the environment.

  • 03Development of business for function enhanced, high value-added products

    Stabilize Group revenue by focusing on expanding the stabilized DHA/EPA business and the polysaccharides business.

Area strategy

Global expansion is based on core policies fine-tuned to the market characteristics of each area.

  • Japan

    Grow soy business by promoting one-stop sales system and USS products. Expand sales of stabilized DHA/EPA.

  • China

    Build new factory to expand scope in response to expanding market for breads and confectionery products due to a growing preference for western foods.

  • Southeast Asia

    Restructuring of deteriorating factories, aim for quick profitability of new locations established in India, Thailand, and Malaysia.

  • USA

    Progress with construction of new production site to address expanding demand.

  • Brazil

    Restructure existing factory to improve production efficiency. Strengthen link between chocolate and fats and oils to expand business.

  • Europe

    Build structure for increased chocolate production to create synergy with hard butters for chocolate.

Cost reductions and merger with global standards

Strengthen governance, build backbone system, and increase productivity to strengthen overall Group management and build solid foundation as a global corporation.

  • Reinforcement of the management foundation

    Progress with construction of new production site to address expanding demand.

  • Financing strategy

    Improve cash flow generation and capital efficiency through sustainable income growth. Strengthen financial governance to reform into a global and firm financial structure. Apply policy of 30-40% dividend payout ratio, to maintain stable and continuous dividends. We also will dynamically evaluate acquiring treasury shares.

  • Improve revenue structure

    Improve safety, quality, environmental levels in all regions to increase Group credibility, improve Group overall production efficiency, and strengthen competitiveness.

2020 Management Targets

Implement strategies of new Mid-Term Management Plan to achieve the following benchmarks by FY2020.

  • ROE
    Operational profit growth rate
    CAGR ≧6%
    CAGR ≧8%
    Return to stockholders
    Payout ratio 30-40% Consider acquistion of own shares
  • Cash flow
    Create total operating CF of 100 billion yen in 4 years
    10 days shorter
    Capital investment
    60-70 billion yen in 4 years
    50 billion yen funding preparation

Medium-Term Management Plan, "Towards a Further Leap 2020"

ExpaPlease see this link for detailed information from materials used in meetings for presentation of our medium-term management plan and new business

  • Medium-Term Management Plan PDF Download


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