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With 37 major bases in 15 countries overseas, the Fuji Oil Group is expanding its business globally. The business is supported by approximately 6,000 employees, who are important stakeholders for the Fuji Oil Group's value creation. Human resource development forms the foundation of our value creation, contributing to each employee's ability development and skill improvement.

Basic approach

The Fuji Oil Group believes that developing an organization with people capable of responding flexibly to unforeseen circumstances is important to adapt to every change in the business environment. In this way, we continue contributing to society. A company and its employees support each other’s growth. We focus on the fostering of management personnel to strengthen our organizational capability. Additionally, we develop global human resources to support global business expansion and employees' autonomous learning.
Based on this, the Fuji Oil Group established the Human Resources Policy.

Human Resources Policy

  • Providing highly motivated employees with a workplace where they are encouraged to make the most of their abilities.
  • As a global company, providing a working environment where a diverse range of employees are encouraged to play an active role.
  • Establishing and operating a fair and equitable personnel system (appraisal/benefits/training).
  • Providing well-structured educational and training programs and creating a corporate culture that supports the fostering of one's skills and capabilities.
  • Supporting diversified working styles and providing a safe workplace that is comfortable to work in.

Promotion system

Initiatives for human resource development is promoted with the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) serving as a chief executive at the Fuji Oil Group and with the president of each company playing a central role at Group companies. Major initiatives are reported and reviewed at the Management Council*.

* The Management Council is an advisory body to the President, which mainly consists of the President and executive officers, and is held once a month, in principle. The Management Council contributes to the decision-making process of the President and the Board of Directors by fully deliberating and monitoring important management matters . Through this, we established and strengthened a system that enables the legal compliance and efficient execution of business operations.

Specific initiatives

Development of global human resources

The Fuji Oil Group advocates the development of global human resources in the personnel strategy, which is part of the Mid-Term Management Plan. We conduct initiatives to recruit, promote, and develop human resources who can demonstrate their capabilities globally.

Cultivating management personnel

Under the common values of the Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy, we transcend national, regional, and organizational boundaries to respect and acknowledge each other, enhance organizational strength, and have a sense of unity, aiming to contribute to society. To this end, we believe that it is important to develop management personnel. In FY 2019, we held a head office training for three newly appointed presidents locally hired by Group companies outside Japan, in which we conducted on-site inspections at business sites in Japan and held a session to promote the understanding and spread of the Group Management Philosophy. In August 2019, 11 executives from China visited Japan to participate in a training for selected personnel to improve communication between Group companies. We are working on the development of management personnel to achieve the Mid-Term Management Plan.

  • Cultivating management personnel
  • Cultivating management personnel

In addition, to train and develop candidates for future management positions at an early stage, since FY 2016 the Fuji Oil Group has conducted a training program that incorporates performance assessments. This training program aims to help trainees grasp behavior trends in group and individual situations through group discussions and interview exercises. It is also designed to help the trainees understand what a manager should be like, and objectively identify their own strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it involves post-training feedback meetings in which trainees receive feedback from their supervisors and HR Development staff members, and on-the-job training (from planning to review). We aim to achieve trainees steady growth by ensuring close involvement of supervisors and other relevant people in the training.

Human resource development to support globalization

The Fuji Oil Group conducts self-development and group training to improve the language skills of employees. We are also working to develop their global mindset and have them gain business experience from a global perspective through overseas postings according to their area of expertise.

Career support system

In addition to providing hierarchical training programs for executives, managers, general employees, and new hires, Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. and Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. support employees' skill development through various programs, like providing financial assistance to employees taking correspondence courses. Moreover, we provided employees with the opportunity to share growth and enlightenment points with their supervisors during their annual evaluation. We have also introduced the “Career Advancement Communication Sheet” to help all employees visualize their career progression. Individual employees have a meeting with their supervisors once a year to review the progress made toward their goals and their career aspirations. The career advancement communication sheet facilitates these meetings. Thus, we provide opportunities for employees to develop their career and work to the best of their abilities.

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. Training System (FY 2019)

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. Training System (FY 2019)

Employee Engagement

Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. and Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. regularly conducts employee engagement surveys to help create a workplace where every employee can work energetically, in good health and demonstrating his/her abilities to the fullest. We ask employees’ honest opinions through surveys on a wide range of issues, such as workplace environment and systems. The survey analysis results are given to executives and managers, in order to better improve business operations and workplace environment.

Dialogue between labor and management

The dialogue between labor and management is important for Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. since employees and the company should support each other. The HR Department serves as the company contact point for dialogue with the Fuji Oil Workers Union, which represents the employees. The workers union was established at the same time as the company. Both entities have worked hard for 70 years to create a comfortable work environment for employees. The dialogue between labor and management takes place in a monthly forum consisting of representatives of HR and Administration Departments of the company and the executive committee members of the workers union. The aim of this forum is to encourage employees to maximize their potential, grow themselves and play active roles. We actively listen to the opinions of union members at each business site nationwide when revising labor systems. The Fuji Oil Workers Union adopted a union shop system, and the participation rate of regular employees other than managers is 100%.


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