Social Contribution Activities

Basic approach

The Fuji Oil Management Philosophy principles state that we will engage in corporate activities rooted in our communities and actively contribute to society. As member of local communities, we are engaged in social contribution activities that are related to the regions where our business sites are located and to the nature of our businesses.

Food education project

Since FY 2014, the Fuji Oil Group has been conducting a nutrition education project in cooperation with the NPO After School. The objective is to convey to children, who will lead the next generation, the importance of food and the power of soybeans.
Employees selected from among applicants serve as teachers to conduct visiting classes at elementary schools.
In FY 2018, a total of 20 visiting classes were provided for approximately 600 elementary school students to teach them about the power of soybeans, which are good for the health and can save the world from food shortages. Each class comprises a soybean snack (soymilk pudding) cooking lesson, and a soybean workshop. Since FY 2014, a total of 2,200 children have participated in our food education project events.

Visiting class
Visiting class
<Messages from children who attended the class>
  • Thank you very much for teaching us how amazing soybeans are today. The pudding was also delicious.
  • Thank you for telling us about soybeans. Please teach us more about soybeans.
  • I learned that soybeans are the most important thing on Earth, and I want to grow soybeans at home so that there is no food shortage on the Earth.
  • I enjoyed making sweets for the first time. I will find out more about soybeans and try to appreciate food more. Thank you very much.

Providing chocolate for use in visiting classes for high school students, held under the "SDGs for School" Project

"SDGs for School" is a project conducted by the NGO Think the Earth to promote understanding of SDGs and to make them popular among junior high and high school students. The Fuji Oil Group provides two kinds of chocolate as teaching materials for this visiting class (one that uses palm oil and another that does not).
In FY 2018, approximately 3,900 students attended the class. They learned through chocolate that palm oil is widely used in many products in our daily lives and that it is important to consume sustainable palm oil.

<Message from a high school student who attended the class (excerpt)>

As a high school student today, I think I have more power than someone from any other generation to change the world. However, when I was growing up, I became fearful and I was unable to do anything specific, which felt very distressing. At that time, I got a specific idea of what I should do from my teacher through my classes. From now on, I would like to be able to do what I want with many other people.
I was also interested in Think the Earth and Fuji Oil 's activities and corporate philosophies. The thought that such companies exists in the world fill me with a very happy feeling.

It is difficult to develop the economy while thinking about the environment and society. I think that Japan should give more thought to other countries and the future of the world, rather than making and buying lots of cheap products. Since I cannot find a clear answer about what Japan should do, I would like to find out what companies are doing.

Note: See the following website for details (Japanese only).

Hannan Forest Project

Since March 2018, volunteer employees from Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. have participated in park development activities at Izumisano Kyuryo Ryokuchi in Osaka Prefecture. Local volunteers, the Osaka prefectural government, and companies collaborate in conducting forest development and bamboo grove management activities. Park creation activities are held on Saturday once a month.
Izumisano Kyuryo Ryokuchi is the only park directly managed by the Osaka prefectural government, and promotes efforts to create a park enjoyed by all, by not only making things such as facilities in the park (monozukuri), but also creating experiences and excitement (kotozukuri). Fuji Oil employees participate in various programs and activities such as thinning, and hand-making of walkways and stairs.

Izumisano Kyuryo Ryokuchi Park
Izumisano Kyuryo Ryokuchi Park

The Fuji Foundation for Protein Research

In 1979, we inaugurated the Research Committee of Soy Protein Nutrition to support the promotion of academic studies on soybean protein. Based on its activities over 18 years, in 1997 we established the Fuji Foundation for Protein Research, operating under the jurisdiction of the former Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. In 2012, the Foundation transitioned to a public-interest foundation under the jurisdiction of the Cabinet Office, to take over and further expand the activities of its predecessor. Aiming to promote scientific research and the widespread use of soy protein, the Foundation has subsidized numerous research projects. The cumulative number of research projects that the Foundation, including its predecessors, has subsidized totals 1,100 over the past 40 years. The Foundation has also held public lectures as public-interest activities. In 2018, a lecture was held in Sapporo. In FY 2019, the Foundation plans to hold a lecture commemorating the 40th anniversary of the start of provision of research grants. The Foundation will continue to contribute to society through activities to disseminate research findings.

Public lecture held in Sapporo in FY 2018
Public lecture held in Sapporo in FY 2018


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