Human resource development

Basic approach

The Fuji Oil Group believes that to continue contributing to society while responding to every change in the business environment, it is important to develop an organization and people capable of responding flexibly to any unforeseen circumstances. Based on this belief, in addition to supporting employees' autonomous learning, we focus our efforts on the fostering of managers, who support global business expansion, to strengthen our organizational capability and the development of global human resources.
The Fuji Oil Group considers its human resources to be the key to creating value for society.
We have established our Human Resources Policy based on the idea that a company and its employees support each other's growth.

Human Resources Policy

  • Providing highly motivated employees with a workplace where they are encouraged to make the most of their abilities.
  • As a global company, providing a working environment where a diverse range of employees are encouraged to play an active role.
  • Establishing and operating a fair and equitable personnel system (appraisal/benefits/training).
  • Providing well-structured educational and training programs and creating a corporate culture that supports the fostering of one's skills and capabilities.
  • Supporting diversified working styles and providing a safe workplace that is comfortable to work in.


By 2020, build the foundation of a global personnel system, and identify and develop human resources with the potential to play an active role globally and in each area.


As in last fiscal year, in FY 2018 we focused on the development of globally competitive human resources and the fostering of managers. In addition to providing global human resource training to 14 selected employees, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. provided training for newly appointed managers to develop their management skills.

Promotion System

Promotion System
Establishment of the global personnel framework

In order for the Fuji Oil Group to continue to contributing to society by practicing its Management Philosophy, the action principles that all Group officers and employees must follow, each Group company sets and commits to targets for the implementation of the Philosophy. All Group companies have set their targets for FY 2019.
We also encourage Group companies to hold in-house workshops on the Group Management Philosophy to provide employees with the opportunity to discuss what they can do to achieve the set targets, based on the culture and customs of each region and country. Group companies will decide the future direction, considering the insights gained from such discussions.
Moreover, amid the growing importance of Group-wide human resource development and utilization, we aim to build a global personnel framework for the identification, selection, training and appointment of executive candidates. To this end, we begin by conducting interviews with executive candidates.

<Comments from participants in Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy workshops>
  • We have the responsibility not only to follow the Group's safety, quality and environmental policy, but also to communicate the Group's Philosophy to our suppliers and customers. I think that, sales personnel, who interact directly with customers, should play the role of explaining the Philosophy to customers. (Brazil)
  • I think that "Work for people'" is a comprehensive idea that encompasses everything. Being safe yourself, making high-quality products, protecting the environment, generating new technologies, and contributing to the local community—I think everything connects to "Working for people."(The U.S.)

Specific Initiatives

Development of global human resources

The Fuji Oil Group advocates the development of global human resources in the personnel strategy of its Mid-Term Management Plan. Based on the idea that the growth of a company arises from the growth of its people, we are conducting initiatives to recruit, promote and develop human resources who can demonstrate their capabilities globally.

Skills and abilities that the Fuji Oil Group expect its employees to have in order to be global human resources

Skills and abilities that the Fuji Oil Group expect its employees to have in order to be global human resources

To cultivate global human resources who can consistently demonstrate high levels of performance, whether in Japan or overseas, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. has conducted global human resources training as a new initiative since FY 2016.
This training program lasts about six months, and involves training on global communication, MBA knowledge, leadership skills and language skills (English), and the delivery of presentations for executives. In FY 2018, a total of 14 people participated in the training, including those with experience working overseas, those assigned to overseas posts, and those working with global business partners. We will develop competent global leaders by combining this training with career path training.

Global human resources training (Japan)
Global human resources training (Japan)
<Comments from a participant in FY 2018 global human resources training>

Global Talent Strategy Group, Fuji Oil Holdings
In this training, I was able to learn the essence of global communication, and practical business skills through hands-on training of actual business activities such as telephone meetings and presentations in English.
In global HR management work, I frequently work with HR department staff at overseas Group companies and conduct interviews with job applicants with foreign backgrounds. I use what I learned from this training in various scenes of work.
I will strive to contribute to the Group-wide development of global human resources by applying the know-how I have gained through the training in my daily work.

Cultivating Managers

To train and develop candidates for future management positions, since FY 2016 we have conducted a training program that incorporates performance assessments.
This training is designed to help trainees understand what a manager should be like, and objectively identify their own strengths and weaknesses. This training program also involves post-training feedback meetings in which trainees receive feedback from their supervisors and HR Development staff members, and on-the-job training (from planning to review). We aim to achieve the steady growth of the trainees by ensuring the close involvement of supervisors and other relevant people in the training.

Human resource development program at Fuji Oil Europe (Belgium)

Fuji Oil Europe, a Fuji Oil Group company, developed a leadership program in FY 2016 to improve team performance.
The objective of the program is to build a strong organization capable of surviving in a complex and rapidly changing world, by supporting and improving employees' resilience (ability to adapt to environmental changes).
This training program begins by helping employees understand their own preferred style of leadership, using the behavior assessment tool "DISC Model." People will be more motivated to change their behaviors by understanding recognizable and adaptable behavioral characteristics and identifying the environment and method that ensures optimal performance,. Also, understanding your own preferred leadership style and those of your team members and sharing them within your team will help deepen your understanding of yourself and others, and improve communication within the team.
Fuji Oil Europe will continue to conduct this program in all departments, to raise employee motivation.

Career Support System

In addition to providing hierarchical training programs for executives, managers, general employees and new hires, Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. and Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. support employees' skill development through various programs, including providing financial assistance to employees taking correspondence courses. In addition, we have introduced the "Career Advancement Communication Sheet" to help employees visualize their career progression. Each employee has a meeting with his/her supervisor once a year to review the progress made toward his/her goals and discuss his/her career aspirations, based on his/her career advancement communication sheet. This system aims to facilitate employees' career development and promote the appropriate assignment of employees to ensure everyone can work to the best of his/her abilities.

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. Training System (FY 2018)

Training System (FY 2018)

Employee attitude surveys

FUJI OIL HOLDINGSINC. and Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. regularly conducts employee attitude surveys to help create a workplace where every employee can work energetically and in good health while demonstrating his/her abilities to the fullest. We solicit feedback through surveys, on a wide range of issues including workplace environment and systems, and use such feedback to improve existing systems/programs and develop new measures.


Expenses for development of human resources


Total training expenses in FY 2018 (approximate)
(FUJI OIL HOLDINGSINC. and Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.)
Approximately ¥25,858,000
Training expenses per employee
(FUJI OIL HOLDINGSINC. and Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.)
Approximately ¥20,170

Recruiting and turnover

*Figures for 2015 and thereafter are the total for FUJI OIL HOLDINGSINC. and Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.
*Figures for 2014 is for Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. before the shift to a holding company structure


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