Group Governance

Focus SDGs

  • 12.consumption,production

Management information

Relation between themes and business activities

The Fuji Oil Group began expanding to overseas markets on a full scale in the 1980s, and by March 2020, has major business sites in 15 countries around the world. Amid accelerating social changes, continuing to create value for society requires the Fuji Oil Group to respond promptly to the social issues and needs in each region in which it operates. To localize management and pursue the Group’s total optimization, the Fuji Oil Group has adopted a management system based on a holding company structure since October 2015. We believe that Group governance is essential as the basis of Group management.

Basic approach

We established the Fuji Oil Group Management Philosophy to ensure our corporate values are shared among all Fuji Oil Group employees. To put the Group Management Philosophy into practice, we formulated a Management Group Policy, based on our ambition to build an effective Group governance system.

Promotion system

We promote our Group governance initiatives under the supervision of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). Moreover, the ESG Committee*, which is an advisory body to the Board of Directors, confirms the progress and results of these initiatives as a priority theme for ESG management.

* Refer to the URL below for details of the ESG Committee.

Objectives / Results

FY 2019 objectives

  • Increasing the effectiveness of decision-making and operations in each area (at each area controlling office)

FY 2019 results

The decision that the Fuji Oil Group made in FY 2018 to establish Fuji Europe Africa B.V. (Netherlands) as the controlling office in Europe and to acquire Blommer Chocolate Company (U.S.) led the Group to a new stage of Group governance in FY 2019. Accordingly, we formulated regulations and detailed rules to facilitate appropriate and prompt decision-making and operations in each area or business.
Furthermore, area management monitors each area/country in response to the continuously changing COVID-19 situation.

Next Step

We will continue to build an effective Group governance system. In FY 2020, we will organize meetings based on the Group Policy, facilitate employees’ understanding of the Group Management Philosophy and Group Policy, and promote other Group governance activities.