Packaging Materials Reduction

Focus SDGs

  • 12.consumption,production

Management information

Relation between themes and business activities

The Fuji Oil Group's business activities incorporate the reduction of packaging materials in product manufacturing. Due to the characteristics of our B-to-B operations, many products are shipped in tank trucks or containers, but some products, such as chocolate and whipping cream, are packaged in corrugated cardboard boxes, inside cushioning materials and other packaging materials. Amid growing concern about resource depletion and marine plastic pollution, we recognize that reducing (thinning, lightening and replacing), recycling and reusing such materials will particularly help us contribute to the reduction of packaging materials.

Basic approach

From the perspective of sustainability, we believe that we need to implement initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of packaging materials by reducing their weight, replacing them with recyclable materials and recycling them. In FY 2019, related departments surveyed and examined how to reduce packaging materials. From FY 2020 onward, the ESG Committee, an advisory body to the Board of Directors, will deal with this issue, defining specific approaches in the process of promoting activities to tackle the issue as a Group-wide priority theme for ESG management.

Promotion system

We promote our initiatives to reduce packaging materials under the supervision of the Chief “ESG” Officer (C“ESG”O). Moreover, from FY 2020, the ESG Committee,* which is an advisory body to the Board of Directors, confirms the progress and results of these initiatives as a priority theme for ESG management.

* Refer to the URL below for details of the ESG Committee.

Next Step

Positioning FY 2020 as the year for surveying the amount of packaging materials that we use, we will examine the amount of plastic and corrugated cardboard used and shipped as packaging materials, share within the Group materials that help reduce the environmental impact and information about them, and promote other activities.