Efforts by Theme 4. Climate change

Basic approach

Climate change has been recognized as an important issue for society’s realization of sustainable development. As a member of society, we regard the impact (risks and opportunities) that climate change can have on the Fuji Oil Group as an issue in the business strategies of Fuji Oil Holdings and each Group company. We strive to help resolve this issue by reducing the negative impact of our business activities on climate change.

Risk and opportunity management and countermeasures

Risk and opportunity management techniques

Fuji Oil Holdings, which is responsible for formulating the Group's overall management strategy, manages the risks and opportunities associated with climate change. From their specialized viewpoints, the CSR and Risk Management Group, environment-related groups and various other departments gather information on climate change from publicly disclosed data and through dialogue with industry groups, stakeholders and others and utilize it in planning strategies. Our strategy regarding climate change is reported at meetings of the ESG Committee, which is an advisory body to the Board of Directors, and proposed to the Board of Directors. We manage risks caused by climate change through the Group-wide risk management system.

See the following website for our methods of managing the risk management system.

Climate change-related risks (FY 2017)


Regulatory risk Risk of decreased production at some group companies in China as a result of operational restrictions from the administrative authorities where their plants are located
Physical risk Risk of injury to employees, damage to equipment and suspension of production if a hurricane directly hits the operating area of a group company in the United States
Other risks Risk of conflict with the Fuji Oil Group’s procurement policy and damage to stakeholder trust from procurement of raw materials (palm oil) cultivated in a way that could negatively affect climate change, such as the destruction of forests with high conservation value

Climate change-related risks (FY 2017)

There is a shortage of livestock feed due to drought, and as a result beef cattle production is decreasing and beef cattle prices are rising. In addition, amid concerns about the negative impact of beef cattle production on climate change, there are expectations of the adoption of “Meatless Mondays” in some parts of Europe and the United States and an increase in flexitarians (a term coined by combining “flexible” with “vegetarian,” meaning people whose diets are oriented toward vegetables but who occasionally eat meat or fish). These changes are expected to expand the market for plant proteins, with soybeans at the forefront.


Opportunities due to climate change (FY 2017)
Regulations Local governments in some parts of the West Opportunity to increase demand for Fuji Oil soy protein ingredients due to promotion of “Meatless Mondays” by some local governments in Europe and the United States and expansion of plant protein market
Physical impact Opportunity for increased demand for the Fuji Oil Group’s soy protein products such as soy meat if beef cattle production declines due to a livestock feed shortage caused by drought or other factors
Other impacts Opportunity for increased demand for Fuji Oil soy protein ingredients from expansion of the plant protein market due to the accelerating increase in millennials and other consumers who are concerned about the issue of climate change


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