Message from the C"ESG"O

As a member of society, contributing to social issues and the development of a sustainable society by pursuing plant-based solutions is practicing the Fuji Oil Group's core value, "Work for people."
The Fuji Oil Group is committed to playing its part in realizing the sustainable society aimed by SDGs, contributing to resolving social issues through its main business.

With the adoption of SDGs and the Paris Agreement by the United Nations in 2015, the international community has clearly defined its direction toward a sustainable society where no one is left behind. This includes the environment and human rights. Under these circumstances, in order for the Fuji Oil Group to remain a company needed by society, it is necessary to promote management, not only from technological and financial perspectives, but also from a sustainability perspective. In line with this idea, in April 2019 we established the position of Chief ESG Management Officer (C"ESG"O). The C"ESG"O plays a leading role in promoting management from a sustainability perspective, and serves as a driving force to push forward the Group's ESG management.

The Fuji Oil Group selects key issues to focus as ESG management priority themes. Priority themes are selected by the ESG Committee, a direct advisory body to the Board of Directors, after due deliberation based on stakeholder expectations and relevance with the Group's business.
The Sustainability Report 2019 reports mainly on the Group's activities related to the priority themes for FY 2018.

Among FY 2018 activities with a great impact on society are the establishment of the Environmental Vision 2030 and the launch of a grievance (complaint handling) mechanism. We formulated the Environmental Vision 2030 in accordance with the Science Based Targets approach, to contribute to achieving the Paris Agreement. We introduced the grievance mechanism, ahead of others in the Japanese industry, to achieve the Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Policy, which was established in 2016 to ensure the sustainable procurement of palm oil, which is one of our key raw materials and whose production is associated with human rights and environmental abuses.
For details on each initiative, please visit the following URLs.

Environmental Management
Sustainable Procurement

An effective communication with stakeholders is the foundation and the driver for a successful ESG management. I believe that engaging in a dialogue with sincerity and transparency will help promoting our learning and activities, and lead to increased sharing of knowledge and wisdom with society. I hope that this report will serve as a good communication tool for engaging with our stakeholders.

Takashi Kadota,
Chief ESG Management Officer
Fuji Oil Holdings Inc.

Takashi Kadota


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