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Practicing Sustainable Management through the soy business contributing to the health of people and the earth.

The Fuji Oil Group is involved in the three business areas of oils and fats, confectionery and bakery ingredients, and soy protein prodacts. Soy protein in particular contributes to keeping both people and the planet healthy, and while we currently face many challenges including global warming and other environmental problems alongside food supply problems caused by an increasing global population, one thing that people all over the world have in common is the desire to be healthy.
Soy beans, with their characteristic ability to be grown over a wide area with excellent water resource efficiency, provide high quality protein and have high nutritional value, so in order to contribute to the health of people and the planet, the Fuji Oil Group works to produce great tasting soy products and develop its soy business.

In order to be able to continue to supply high quality products to our customers, sustainable and stable procurement of raw materials is necessary, and we are fully aware that palm, cacao, soy beans, and our other main raw materials are finite resources. As such, we make efforts to use ingredients that have been produced in a sustainable way, and in order to take sustainable procurement forward at a global level, the group is consulting and increasing cooperation with the wide range of stakeholders.

On top of this, the group is also undertaking initiatives to contribute to society with the themes of food, health, and abundance in order to help people, regions, and society around the world develop. For example, in 2015, the Fuji Oil Group commenced the “Food Education Project”, which teaches children how important food is and shows them the link between food and society (photo). This project teaches the children who will build our future about the importance of food through hands-on learning programs about environmental problems and food resources as well as snack making and other activities that allow them to have fun while learning.